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By Narelle Scurr

Oracle deck and guidebook set.

Receive daily guidance for yourself and clarify specific issues relating to the rhythm of your life.

Think of a question, focus your energy within and choose one or more cards and reveal the messages you most need to hear.

36 inspirational cards featuring illuminating words written in rhyming verse and accompanied by a 42 page guidebook to give even deeper meaning to the messages you receive - by Narelle Scurr 2014 Australian Psychic of The Year.

IPA Hall of Fame Award 2019


Created from fallen Eucalyptus trees

20CM Diameter x 3cm thickness

3 designs available - Pentagram, Flower of Life, Double Spiral


Encrusted with Chakra balancing crystals


ENTHUSIASM – Do what you love is the message here.

A new enthusiasm is needed and you are the only one who can make it happen. If there is failure or stagnation it will only be due to a lack of enthusiasm from those involved. By instilling a new verve, going back to the essence and heart of the matter, you will have the tools to begin again. Something needs shaking up and dusting off. The energy is here for education, improving skills and undertaking new projects, which involve learning. The challenge of the Banksia is lethargy and cynical thinking. You may find the enthusiasm of others annoys or distracts you too. As a healer, Banksia is a big dose of enthusiasm and renews the drive for life.


For divination.

Seashells connect us to the ocean and to water energy. Water is the element that represents our emotions. By being in contact with seashells, we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity.

Shells are gentle healers and messengers and very powerful tools of transformation. Each seashell was created as it’s home by an individual animal who had their own vibration and consciousness. Each shell, there for has it’s own information to share with us.

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