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If you are seeking insight, inspiration and validation from the spirit world, you have been guided to the right place.

Narelle Scurr, the principal of Indigo Tarot and Australian Psychic of the Year 2014 and Hall of Fame Award Winner 2019 is able to assist you in your quest for answers and spiritual guidance.

Narelle is available for consultations via Skype and phone readings, email readings and event bookings.

Narelle's Intuitive Tarot readings are designed to help you reflect upon a particular aspect of your life and to help you find answers to questions relating to career, relationships and sprituality. 

Narelle is located on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

To find out more about our activities please visit the events page or join our mailing list via the about me page.

Indigo Tarot is focused on providing high quality service, uplifting and empowering readings and of course, all consultations are kept strictly confidential.

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