The Rhythm of Life Oracle
Indigo Tarot - Narelle Scurr  -  Australian Psychic of the Year 2014

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The Rhythm of Life Oracle
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The Rhythm of Life Oracle

The Rhythm of Life Oracle 

Exciting new release!

I wanted you to be the first to know about the release of my new Oracle Deck and Guide Book called
The Rhythm of Life.  

Receive daily guidance for yourself and clarify specific issues relating to the rhythm of your life.  think of a question, focus your energy within and choose one or more cards and reveal the messages you most need to hear.  
36 inspirational cards featuring illuminating words written in rhyming verse by Narelle Scurr 2014 Australian Psychic of The Year.

November 2015 special promotion.

$35 per set with free postage within Australia.